The Brown bear

Its hobits:

They are nocturnal and solitary. With the first cold month it stays sleeping through the winter. In springtime it gets back to activity and finds a partner they have a bear the following winter. They can live for 30 years. hunt killing the prey. They hunt fish, mammals, insects, eggs and fruits too.

It is identified by:

1.It big size.

2.It can be 2 meters tall and it weighs 200 Kg.

3.its head is very wide, with two round ears and small eyes .

4. Covered with brown, fur darker on the legs, move one at year, in sunny.

Where he live?

  • The reduction of its natural habitat,
  • The poochers
  • The chasing with traps, and poisons, as an answer to the destruction caused by this species in its search of food.

Much of their nutrition comes from trae water and mineral salts that absorbed from the root. This mix goes up the channels of the trunk to the leaves. The clorophyle contained in trae leaves has the ability to modify the solar energy into chemical energy transforming the lymph along the anhydride absorbed by the leaves into glucose and oxygen. Glucose is sent back toward the tree white oxygen is expelled tothe outside through the tiny pres of the leaves called “esfomas”. Trees may be evergreen or deciduous, tend to be trunk ligneous and elevated rumifica at certain distance of the soil and in aduet state, a tree ordinary often reaching five approximately. They usually get out by plantations of the seeds although there are some who go out into the conditions of the terrain where it falls out the fruit of another and it comes out of the type of tree that has fallen the fruit, it sayas that this new tree is arboreal or arborea if is a plant. Trees may be very different, there are many trees that they are placed names such as:tree of love, the treeof wax,etc…

natural:trees, people, water, sky, sunlight, sun, earth, stone, bush, puddle, leaf, grass, cloud, air, sand.

artificial: doors, cars, train, houses, sport centre, road, fence, slide, goal, basket, bollards, rail line, cable, street light, channel

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